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Getting sufficient daylight is important for our well-being. And when you know that we spend an average of 90% of our time indoors, you begin to understand why large glass areas are so popular. They are good for fulfilling the demand for natural light, but unfortunately, the simultaneously present a new challenge: how do you avoid it becoming unbearably hot indoors on hot days in the most efficient way? Renson outdoor solar shading blocks the sunrays before they reach the glass and heat up your indoor areas.

What types of solar shading are there?

There are 2 types of solar shading: indoor and outdoor solar shading. You can choose the ideal solar shading from a wide range of solutions for every application. The system that best suits your needs differs from project to project. Renson focuses on outdoor solar shading because it offers the most efficient solution for indoor overheating. Indoor solar shading does block out light, but much less heat. Outdoor solar shading blocks heat efficiently in 2 different ways. It is an interesting choice for both new construction and renovation projects.

Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor Blinds

Summers are getting warmer and heat waves are becoming more common. It is therefore a challenge to tackle overheating in the house in a structural and energy-efficient manner. And this is especially true in highly insulated and airtight buildings that make it difficult to remove the heat once it warms up inside. Prevention is better than cure. In addition, enjoy many of the other advantages.

  • Reflections of sunlight on screens are a thing of the past.
  • The UV rays do not discolor your interior.
  • You can still see outside.
  • Brise soleil shading adds an architectural eye-catcher to your façade.
  • More privacy is created when a privacy fabric or moving blades in the sliding panels are chosen.
  • The outdoor blind head box takes up less space in the cavity than a roller shutter box.
Brise Soleil Shading

Brise Soleil Shading

Sliding panels with aluminum or wooden blades, that are either moveable or fixed. Or you can have a horizontal sun screen installed above the window.

  • Brise soleil shading gives your façade more character. The choice between different looks and installation methods guarantees a perfect match with your architecture.
  • By adjusting the position of your brise soleil shading, you determine how much of the sun’s light and heat enters through the windows. That ensures it never gets too hot in the house.
  • A healthy indoor climate makes you more efficient, energetic and gives you a general better feeling, mentally and physically.
  • With a sun screen above the window, you always have a perfect view to the outside. Sliding panels with moveable blades contribute to privacy in the house.

Outdoor Blinds

Brise Soleil