Renson Garden Elements

Complete your garden

Your home doesn’t stop at the front door. You want to be able to enjoy yourself to the full and relax outdoors too — and the key to that is a garden in perfect harmony. Renson’s garden elements are the perfect match for its Linarte cladding system. An aluminum bench, a freestanding wall alongside the drive or a planter with integrated LED lighting: you name it. Even a parcel box / letterbox in the same design is possible.


  • Uniform Linarte design throughout your garden
  • Version with one or two lamps, or with a socket
  • Available in two heights
  • Available in all standard Renson RAL colors

Garden Modules

  • Uniform Linarte® design throughout your entire garden
  • Aluminum bench or planter with thermo ash
  • Maintenance-friendly and weatherproof
  • Modular and customizable



  • Made of stainless aluminum
  • Tested
  • Impact damping
  • High-quality architectural textured coating



Garden Walls

  • Uniform Linarte design throughout your entire garden
  • Freestanding wall with Linarte profiles and/or canvas
  • Maintenance-friendly and weatherproof
  • Can be personalized with wood or LEDs