Renson Carports

Tailor-made carport

A modern aluminum carport that perfectly matches the architecture of your home. That’s the Renson® Algarve® Canvas. Protect your car against wind and weather under the sturdy metal roof. The underlying sun-resistant fabric also shuts out UV radiation and solar heat. A free-standing carport, an extension to your façade or even extended to over the front door? Take your pick.

What are the possible applications of a carport?

Just like your car and home, a carport is very personal. Choices of color and finish, accessories and so on make the Algarve® Canvas a carport tailored to your wishes and needs. Together with the most suitable application.

To the House

A carport fitted to your façade for optimal use of space and a strong aesthetic whole.

Double Carport

Double the space for your car and/or storage with a double Algarve® Canvas.


In front of, next to, or behind your house? A detached carport gives your car a safe shelter.

Luxury Carport

Fancy a little bit extra? Add accessories such as LED lighting to your luxury carport.